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“Ameer Benno, who was the trial attorney [was] absolutely great, articulate, smart, knowledgeable and extremely well prepared.”

– Linda C.

“My many years of living experience has enabled me to appreciate and value one who is educated to be helpful to us according to our living needs. With that I give strong reference to Ameer Benno. He is a lawyer with extreme and appropriate knowledge and awareness of human feelings. He listens and that is a very important attribute for a lawyer. Mr. Benno has given me valuable and legal direction. He has directed me through the legalities of publishing and copywriting, as well as the completion of a family will. He always answers ones call as time provides.”

– Melvine G.

“Ameer N. Benno is a great attorney, he promised me that the case will be dismissed and it was. Furthermore, he was able to permanently seal any record of my arrest. He always answered e-mails and phone calls, and his services were fairly inexpensive.”

– Alex K.

“Thank you, Ameer. After all I have been through, I thank you for your kindness and making it easy for me to trust you.  Most of all I thank you for encouraging me to once again trust the legal process.”

– Marsha S.

“Very personable, always returned calls promptly, and extremely knowledgeable.  Ameer is a former Manhattan DA that secured me a conditional discharge on a Class E felony.  I would highly recommend Ameer to family and friends.”

– Anthony S.

“Ameer helped to dismiss my [criminal] case and he was well prepared and passionate!”

– Gerald W.

“Ameer is an excellent attorney.  He is very knowledgeable, and skilled.  My case was a double felony, not only was the outcome very positive he took the time to help me recover my personal property well after the conclusion of my case.  He is also friendly!”

– Brett R.

“Mr. Benno was superb! I highly recommend him to assist you with any legal matter. In my case, he cross examined the police officer with incredible skill and passion and this was the definitely the reason my [criminal] case was dismissed. He was not going to end his questioning until he got the results he wanted and he did! I am thrilled. Other reasons why I would recommend him is that I believe he is an honest and hard-working attorney. He is genuine and down to earth. He is one of the good guys and will fight for you.”

– G.B. (a criminal defense client for whom Ameer Benno won a full acquittal)

“I have been both co-counsel and a client of Ameer Benno. You cannot find a more dedicated lawyer anywhere. Ameer’s knowledge of civil rights law has been a source of information that has been invaluable to me over the years. Anyone who has Ameer Benno as his lawyer should consider himself lucky.”

– David R.

“[Ameer] is a kind person who cares about his clients. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Benno before and after I became an attorney. As a colleague, Mr. Benno has raised the bar in candor and integrity. He is willing to do the right thing, irrespective of scrutiny, costs or politics. He is a principled and exceptionally skilled litigator. For these reasons, I highly recommend Mr. Benno as an attorney and counselor for most any litigation.”

– Cory M.

“Ameer, you are amazing!”

– Brett R. (a criminal defense client for whom Ameer Benno won a dismissal of all charges)

“I was facing a very scary charge that could have lost me my job and ultimately made me lose everything I have worked so very hard for.  Mr. Benno got me out of everything and because of him I’m now back to work. He was so kind and sure of himself he made me believe in myself as well. I appreciate his willingness to help me and his knowledge of the law and what I was facing. If you ever need a lawyer that won’t make you feel like their taking advantage of you, he’s the one. I’m sold and he’s mine for life. Thanks again Mr. Benno!!!! For everything.  I look forward to out next case together!”

– Lauren V. (a criminal defense client for whom Ameer Benno won a dismissal of all charges)

Dear Ameer, I just wanted to express my gratitude for [your] dedication when it came to my case.  Your patience and guidance has helped me through a dramatic [and] terrifying ordeal.  I really appreciated all your assistance.

– Tiffany B. (a criminal defense client for whom Ameer Benno won a dismissal of all charges)

“We can disagree, of course, about the merits of your clients’ claims, but it ought not take away for a minute your advocacy, work, passion, smarts, dedication and trial skills.  They could not have asked for better representation.”

– Abbe L. (an attorney for an opposing party in a federal case tried by Ameer Benno)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and respect the job you did in the … trial, and the size of the risks you took in representing these particular plaintiffs ….I know that the experience of this case is going to stay with me for a long time.”

– Emily B. (a juror in a case tried by Ameer Benno)

“Dear Ameer …[T]hank you again for the work you and your colleagues did.  It is important and impressive and you have my admiration.”

– Marc D. (a juror in a case tried by Ameer Benno)

“Ameer Benno pulled off a miracle with my case, which involved the NYCTA, the NYPD and the state. I was wrongfully stopped by police in the subway, handcuffed and humiliated. Benno stepped in with a wealth of knowledge regarding civil rights cases like mine. He was supportive, honest to me as his client, and very accommodating. He was able to get the city to settle out of court with us and I was very satisfied with the result. I already recommended him to friends, strongly suggesting to them that this is one lawyer who can deliver.”

– Clayton B

“Ameer, you did a really good job arguing yesterday. Win or lose, I was very impressed with how well versed and well prepared you were, and I think the judges were too.”

– Michael J.

“Your passion and commitment to your work was inspiring to watch.  It was a pleasure to experience you and the justice system first hand through the case.  You are a warrior in the court room!”

– Tammy W. (a juror in a case tried by Ameer Benno)

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you for ALL you have done to get us to this very day!  From our very first meeting, your sincerity, strong sense of responsibility, and trustworthiness shined through and we have not been disappointed. Thank you for your hard work, efforts, patience, and availability.  Thanks for putting up with our forever changing schedules and for walking the ‘inexperienced’ through the process – step by step.”

– Henny S.