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We can assist you as the moving party or opposing party on any conceivable motion, application, or briefing, before, during, and after trial. Quality legal submissions give you the litigation edge and strengthen your position on appeal through management of the record and preservation of the issues.

 Criminal Cases

  •  Motions to Challenge the Sufficiency of the Accusatory Instrument
  •  Speedy Trial Motions
  •  Motions to Suppress and/or Preclude Evidence
  •  Motions for Consolidation/Severance
  •  Motions In Limine
  •  Frye/Daubert Motions involving the qualification of expert witnesses
  •  Trial Memoranda
  •  Pre-Pleading Memoranda
  •  Sentencing Memoranda
  •  Post-Verdict Motions
  •  Post-Judgment Motions
  •  Collateral Attacks on Convictions
  •  Petitions for Writs of Habeas Corpus
  •  Petitions for Writs of Error Coram Nobis
  •  Petitions for Writs of Mandamus or Prohibition / Article 78 Proceedings

 Civil Cases

  •  Drafting Pleadings
  •  Petitions for Late Notice of Claim
  •  Petitions for Leave to File a Late Claim (Court of Claims)
  •  Discovery Motions
  •  Motions Involving Jurisdiction
  •  Motions Involving Removal and/or Remand
  •  Motions Involving Preemption
  •  Motions to Dismiss the Pleadings or Specific Causes of Action
  •  Motions to Strike or Preclude Affirmative Defenses
  •  Motions for Summary Judgment
  •  Motions for Consolidation/Severance
  •  Motions In Limine
  •  Federal Pre-Trial Orders
  •  Trial Memoranda
  •  Frye/Daubert Motions involving the qualification of expert witnesses
  •  Post-Verdict Motions
  •  Attorney Fee Applications
  •  Class Certification Motions

 Administrative Cases

We also advise and collaborate in administrative proceedings under municipal, state, and federal regulatory systems.